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Both JV and Varsity cheerleaders attended Auburn University in June.
During the 4 day camp, the groups competed against other schools in the area of
cheers, chants, and game day.  Each cheer and chant had to have stunts or
pyramids included.

The varsity squad received 1st place in the cheer division and 1st place OVERALL
in the large varsity division.


The JV squad received 4th place overall

JV Cheer

During the camp, the instructors choose 3 girls from varsity and 2 girls from JV
to compete in the jump off competition
Varsity:  Allie Johnson, Lauren Williams and Jashonna Clark and JV was
Emma Mason, Emma Gramling, and Jamiah Miller.

While at camp, 9 varsity girls and 6 JV girls were chosen by the UCA instructors to
compete in the All-American competition. These 9 varsity girls are: Jessica Glass, DeAsia Crocton, Kelcey Shaw, Jaycie Correll, Summer Glenn, Jazlon Johnson, Maddie Brown, Sara Janss, and Victoria Horton.  The 6 JV girls were:  Emma Mason, Jamiah Miller, Mya Rosser, Ashton Robinson, Reagan Galbreath, and Skylar Gilley.  Being an All-American is one of the highest awards an individual can achieve in cheerleading.
Each summer at UCA, thousands of cheerleaders try out for the All-American
title, but only 10 percent are chosen!
During this competition each girl you will show off their skills with a jump,
cheer, and Xtreme dance routine. The cheer and dance are taught on the first day
of camp, then All American is competed on the third day.  After the 15 girls competed for the All American title, 8 girls received  an All-American medallion and a trip brochure to
travel to either Walt Disney World during Thanksgiving or London, England during
Christmas. The JV girls chosen  were -Ashton Robinson and Emma Mason.  Varsity; Kelcey Shaw, Jessica Glass, Maddie Brown, Sara Janss, Jaycie Correll, and DeAsia

JV all -amer   Varsity all=amer
After the camp in June, one cheerleader decided to attended another UCA camp as
an independent cheerleader.  During this 3 day camp, she learned new material
and was chosen as an All American Finalist.  Varsity member, Sarah Grace Whitt.

Each day, the UCA instructors look closely at girls who go above and beyond  the
call of duty for their squad and give a Leadership: Pin it forward award.  This
year Gadsden City had three girls chosen for this award.  Jaycie
Correll and  Allie Johnson from Varsity and Emma Mason from JV.

At the end of camp, the instructors give opportunities for Senior girls to come
back and work for UCA in the summer.  This year, all 8 Seniors were chosen.
These seniors include, Kelcey Shaw, Victoria Horton, Jazlon Johnson,
Jessica Glass, DeAsia Crocton, Summer Glenn, Jaycie Correll, and Aujenee Guice.IMG_9706 (1)

Finally, BOTH Gadsden City squads were invited to cheer at the pre-game
performance at the Buffalo Wild Wing Citrus Bowl in Walt Disney World on New
Year’s Eve.