Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · Titan Competition Cheer does well as UCA Master’s Camp

GCHS IS SO PROUD of this team💛!! First time at UCA Master’s Camp and they did an awesome job!! It WAS NOT EASY! There’s a reason it’s called Master’s camp for sure! Shout out to UCA and the awesome staff for a job well done!💙💛Great camp!!! This squad received a blue ribbon for stunt sequence evaluations and also a blue ribbon for cheer evals. There’s no gold ribbon at Master’s camp so blue is the BEST color💙! We had SIX All-Americans!!!🏅All the Seniors made it (which included our male cheerleader, SO proud of him!) TWO Pin it Forward recipients (one recognized by staff and one by someone from another team, they demonstrated qualities for why America Needs Cheerleaders! One selected to tryout for UCA Staff (AnnaGrace Gardner), AND on the final day, for the Specialty Awards, the team received awards for MOST VISUAL STUNT TRANSITIONS🏆BEST USE OF NEW SKILLS🏆MOST VISUAL PYRAMID,🏆and an invite to the CITRUS🍊BOWL as well as the Spirit Stick! To top it off they are credentialed which means they know their stuff !

Congratulations to the Titan Competition Cheer Squad!!!!!