Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · MEET GC’s BRIANNA WOODS




Brianna has been cheering since she was 12 years old.  She says her motivation each day is to make her nana proud. She says she has the opportunity to do everything her nana could not and that is what makes her get up and get at it every day.  She added that her graduation in May will make her nana the proudest.  Brianna says the person she admires most is her nana because she is the strongest person she knows and she always supports her.  She said her nana has taught her how to be a strong woman.  Her favorite thing about being in high school is the memories and experiences but the best part is the journey to a successful future. Brianna’s plans are to attend college to pursue a promising career as a Neonatal Nurse or Occupational Therapist.  She hopes to achieve the ultimate goal of making her nana proud. Brianna added that she loves to eat lemon pepper wings and that she works very hard to support herself.  Her favorite thing to do is CHEER and her favorite color is pink!