Hey Everyone!!!  The price of the famous “TITAN DISCOUNT CARDS” are reduced at this time.  We normally sell these for $20.  We over stocked our order this school year and have some left over.  The discounts on the card are good through May 31, 2020.  We have discounted the extra stock of cards to $10!!!  That’s right T E N (10) D O L L A R S !!!!  If you use this card just 3 times at Chick-fil-a, OR 2 times at Arby’s, you will have made your money back.  Just come by the front office of the school and get your card today!

REMEMBER…. TONS of savings for just $10!

Chick-Fil-A = Free sandwich with the purchase of large drink and large fry.

Sonic = FREE Route 44 with purchase of a Route 44 at regular price.

Arby’s = 3 Roast Beef sandwiches for $5.

Jack’s = Free “make-it-large” with combo purchase.

Rib Bones =  Buy one get one free BBQ sandwich.

Waffle House = Free Drink with purchase of regular priced meal.

El Tapatio = 10% off menu.

Popeyes = Buy 1 three piece meal, get a two piece free.

Zaxby’s = 10% off entrees.

Yourkidspartyworld1.com = 10% off a $100+ order.

Please buy one and enjoy your savings over the next few months while we are prepping for the new card coming out in June of 2020 with some of the same discounts plus some new and even better savings.