Titans News · GCHS was cleaned and disinfected this week

Some of our GCHS custodians sanitized and disinfected their personal sprayers and used them to help disinfectant classrooms, bathrooms, stairwells, offices, door handles/knobs, handrails, etc. at Gadsden City High School this week.

1.They brought their own sprayers and the school provided the disinfectant.
2. They wore gloves at all times.
3. They stayed at least 6 feet away from everyone at all times.
4. They were all given a new mop head upon arrival to ensure any hazards from the old mops already in the school.

Checklist for each classroom:
•Each classroom was swept and mopped.
•All trash was removed if any was left anywhere in the building.
•All light switches were cleaned.
•All hard surfaces (countertops, floors, desks, door handles/knobs, etc) were sanitized as well.

Conference Rooms:
•All conference rooms were spayed down as well.

•Were swept and mopped with bleach.
•Then disinfectant was spayed on platforms, stairs and handrails.

•Disinfectant was spayed on all surfaces (floor, toilets, urinals, sinks, walls, doors, etc) and let air dry.

These men are the unsung heroes of Gadsden City High School and we are proud to call them ours!  Way to go guys.