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April 2, 2020

AHSAA Meets with Special Committees to Discuss

Safety Protocols & Return-to-Play Plan-of-Action Options

First, we hope this weekly update finds you all safe and well, and please know we greatly appreciate all you do for our student-athletes and member schools. Your influential leadership and support during this trying time are extremely appreciated. The AHSAA staff continues to work in the office practicing social distancing or at home to ensure we are complying with the directives of the ADPH but also are working on daily responsibilities and planning ahead.

  •   The staff created and hosted four teleconference committee meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday (Spring Sport Contingency Committee, Football Committee, Fall Sport Planning Committee, and Summer Planning Committee). The purpose of these committees is to have a plan of action in place for when schools are able to return, whether it be early summer, late summer, early fall, etc. AHSAA member coaches served on each committee. Minutes of those meetings are available online and can be assessed through your C2C account.
  •   Dr. Jeff Dugas (member of the AHSAA Medical Advisory Board) spoke to each committee and provided an update from the medical profession as it relates to the current status in Alabama, when schools might return to play and discussed what preparations need to be done in order to return to play when that time comes. His words “planning for the worst while hoping for the best” should be our focus. He also suggested that schools create anCOVID-19 Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that includes their plan if a student or coach were to test positive after working out, practicing or competing, in addition to if a fan, official, gate worker, etc. were to test positive.
  •   Mr. Savarese shared that he was hopeful that due to current school closures and academic hardships placed on students, that the Legislative Council would pass Proposal #31 which would allow more than two units of approved summer school, credit recovery, dual enrollment, etc. to be counted toward academic accountability. We will meet with these committees again as needed to formulate a plan once we know schools are returning.
  •   Brandon Dean is sending out a memo on Friday to coaches with information on tele- conditioning and tele-communication with their athletes. Suggested ideas for tele- workouts will be included. Tele-communicating and conditioning with students (without interfering with their schoolwork) will provide coaches an option for how they can continue to condition students without using school facilities.
  •   As a reminder, the scheduled Board and Legislative Council meetings will be on April 23rd. Committees will meet at 9:00, Board meets at 10:00, and Legislative council will meet at 2:00. All meetings will be via teleconference.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any AHSAA Executive Staff member. We are always available for you. We pray you all remain safe and well and are hopeful you are also practicing the safety guidelines of the ADPH.