On Thursday, May 7th Senior Caps, Gowns, and Graduation Supplies can be picked up.  On that day we are also having some other drop off and picks ups.  We will have 6 areas for all Seniors to visit on May 7 during your time on campus.

First, remember your time to visit will be by the last name as follows:
A-F 10:00 thru 10:30
G-L 10:30 thru 11:00
M-S 11:00 thru 11:30
T-Z  11:30 thru 12:00
All drop off and picks points will be drive-through only and you need to follow these rules:
It will be a drive-thru delivery only.
You have to stay in your vehicle at all times.
Roll down your window to receive or drop off items.
Only the main gate will be open on May 7th, so there will be one way in and out.
We will have 9 spots all Seniors need to visit they are as follows:
1.  Caps, Gowns, and Graduation Supplies
2.  Laptops
3.  Senior Pictures of any kind
4. JROTC Uniform Drop-off
5.   Band Room for instruments
6.  Uniform Drop Off
7.  Lockers
8.  Library books
9.  Textbooks
These 9 stations will be set up around the school and everyone will follow the same traffic pattern around the building.  You may not have to stop at every station but everyone needs to go in the same direction so that traffic does not build up.  We will have a traffic map showing the locations of all stations located around the school.
Seniors who are not in good standing and doing online or packet work can keep laptops and textbooks to help finish classes for this semester.  We will have another date for you to turn those items in later in May or early June.
Those who are working on packets need to be completing them as they will be turned in sometime in May.
Seniors who did not have a picture on the website, we do apologize and have gotten in the rest of our photos from our photographer and will be updating our video and slideshow to include all who had a picture.  We did have some Seniors who didn’t take a photo of any kind, you can be included on the Senior video and slideshow just email us a headshot of yourself in a black top in front of a neutral color background to this email address gchs2020seniors@gmail.com.
Seniors, continue to check your email as important information will continue to be sent to you through email and SchoolCast calls from Gadsden City.
We miss you all terribly and hope everyone is staying safe.
GCS_SeniorSpotlight_FBStories_Cover.png  GCS_SeniorSpotlight_FBStories_Rickles.png

Graduating Class of 2020,

Please read the messages below and send in your video and senior profile information to gchs2020seniors@gmail.com. If you have any questions, please email any of the following staff:

Kelly Swafford: kswafford@gadsdencityschools.org

Richelle Williams: rwilliams@gadsdencityschools.org

Principal Young: kyoung@gadsdencityschools.org


Also, if you would like to pay fees on Thursday, May 7th, please bring your fee payment and statement in an envelope with your name on it to cap & gown pick up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Reagan Lowe at rlowe@gadsdencityschools.org


Senior Videos


We want everyone in Etowah County to know how awesome our seniors are, and we plan to spread the word across social media in May.  Along with static profiles (which you’ll receive an email about soon), we want as many seniors as possible to submit a short video that tells what you were involved in at GCHS and what you plan to do after school.

An example of a similar video from another school can be found here: https://twitter.com/nagleee/status/1252686248537468928?s=20


Here’s all you need to do:

  • Wear a tshirt that represent your college choice, or a jersey or shirt that represents an activity you were involved in during high school.  If you do not have that on hand, a Gadsden City High School tshirt or any nice top will work.
  • Stand in front of an attractive outdoor background like your front porch or some trees in your yard.
  • Record a :15 to :30 message that does the following:
    1) Opens with “Hi My name is ….,”
    2.) list a few things you were involved in during high school
    3.) mention your plans after high school like “I plan to attend the University of Alabama and major in ….,” “I will be joining the Army,” “I have accepted a job with ….”
    4) end your video with, “We are stronger together, because Together We are the Titans.”

Email your video to gchs2020seniors@gmail.com by Friday, May 8.  Please keep an eye on your email in case we have any follow-up questions.


Videos will be posted on Facebook to the GCHS College & Career Ready page and other Gadsden City related pages.


Senior profiles

Once again, we cannot help bragging about what an amazing group of students our 2020 seniors are.  We plan to cover up Facebook and Instagram with short bios of as many of you as we can.  Please answer the questions below and return this email with a senior picture so we can include you in this effort.


Be sure to include your name and an appropriate snapshot or professional photo of you by yourself.


Also, include a response to at least two of the following:
Favorite GCHS memory:
Two favorite activities you were involved in:
Favorite Teacher:
What will you be doing after high school:
If you are aware of any scholarships you have received at this point, list them here:
If going to college, list your anticipated major:

Email this information back to gchs2020seniors@gmail.com by Friday, May 8.  Be sure to include the senior photo you would like us to use.  Please keep an eye on your email in case we have any follow-up questions.

A sample of what these profiles will look like is attached above.

Profiles will be posted on Facebook and Instagram to the GCHS College & Career Ready page and other Gadsden City related accounts.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Young