Titans News · Watch GCHS Senior Night “Live” for FREE ~ Link Attached

If you are not able to attend the 2020 Senior Night Recognition of our Titan Band, Class of 2021, members, click on the following link and watch for FREE!!!



This Friday, September 4th, we will be honoring/recognizing our “Senior” Titan Band members at the Gadsden City vs. Oak Mountain game.  The ceremony will begin at 6:30pm and kickoff will be at 7:oopm.

Note to Senior Band Parents:::

Congratulations to all of you parents and your student/band member in making it to another milestone of your SENIOR year journey. Gadsden City is proud of these seniors and we hope you enjoy this special night of celebration and recognition alongside your child.  Again, congratulations & GO TITANS! Due to the uncertainty of being able to play out our entire season is the reason for the early recognition.  We hope you can join us!

  1. First and foremost, it is with our deepest regrets that we cannot allow “free” admission to the parents on this night. You (escorts/parents) will need to purchase your tickets through our online ticket sale link https://gofan.co/app/school/AL863 to enter the stadium.  PLEASE REMEMBER::::: Only 2 escorts per student unless there are step-parents to be included.




  1. EVERYONE must be signed in by 6:20pm.  (we have about 46 members being recognized and MUST have everyone signed in, lined up and ready to start between 6:25-6:30pm AND BE FINISHED BY 6:52PM)


  1. There will be a table inside the stadium (next to the entrance of the end zone on the home side) for you to sign in, pick up your line placement # and get your rose. Please remember to social distance and wearing a mask is required. Please read our stadium guidelines at https://gadsdencityathletics.com/2020/08/11/gchs-titan-guidelines-for-attending-games/


  1. Ms. Robertson and her group will instruct you when to go inside the end zone gate and where to line up.