Good evening Titans!
We hope all of you are well and safe. This school year has been quite the
challenge but we are thankful and proud of our teachers and our students.
Students…remember it is imperative that you sign in to your classes every day. If
you do have technical issues make sure you connect with your teacher so that
attendance will be correct. Yes, we are taking attendance each day and truancy
issues can creep up on you if you’re not careful.
A couple of announcements:
Tryouts for the 2020-21 Titan Boys and Girls Bowling teams will be tomorrow,
September 9th , at 4:00 pm sharp at Thunder Alley Bowling Center. The address for
Thunder Alley is 425 South McCleskey Street, # 522, Boaz, AL 35957. If you need
more information, please contact Coach Avery or Ms. Campbell at the high
This Friday the Titans will be playing the Hoover Buccs at Hoover. You can
purchase tickets and parking passes on GOFAN.co (yes, it is “.co” and NOT .com).
Also be aware that no cash will be accepted for parking or at the gate. Debit or
credit only….so it will be to your benefit to purchase your tickets and parking pass
on-line. One note of precaution – do NOT validate your ticket. It must be validated
at the gate. All of this information can be found at gadsdencityathletics.com
Students…we will be voting on Homecoming this week so be on the lookout for an
email with instructions.
Keep up the good work and maybe soon we will be able to return to campus

Together… We Are the Titans!