Titans News · GCS Parents… Is your Child Returning to Class OR Continuing Virtual???

Face to Face Classes Resume

Face to Face Classes for the Gadsden City Schools will resume beginning September 28, 2020.

Any parent wishing their student to continue in a virtual/remote learning setting will need to complete an application to do so by September 25, 2020.  Link to Application  Those returning for face to face instruction DO NOT need to fill out an application, this is only for those wishing to continue virtual/remote.  If no application is received, we’ll plan on seeing your student, in person, the week of September 28.

This Face To Face and Remote Requently Asked Questions sheet may help with parent decision-making in this matter.

The District Reopening Plan is still available on the District Website and at this link.

Additional individual School Plans and Information will also be available on school websites.

Parents…. please give this your attention and help spread the word.  Thank you!