Picture Information for the year. Please help spread the word to our SENIORS.  

Bill Miller Photography  (Starts at 7:50 AM)

October 23rd: Senior Formals (Drape & Tux pics) 

 I know it makes me old fashioned, but I like the formal tux and drape photos. I think senior year is a huge rite of passage that should be documented. These kids are transitioning into the adult world and the formal photo is a nice way to show that.        

-Female students must wear/ bring a white, sleeveless, or thin-strapped shirt to be worn under the drape that will be provided to you. Do not forget to wear your pearl necklaces and earrings.

-Male students should bring/ wear an all-white, button-downed collared dress shirt. We recommend that you wear an all-black bow-tie or one will be provided to you.       


November 2nd: Underclassmen School Day, All Sports, and All Club Pictures        

               key club logo - Google Search | International scholarships, Scholarships, Club

Everyone will need to be at school (virtual students need to come to the school) to have school day photo taken.  These are used for the yearbook and we need EVERYONE to have a photo made whether you plan on purchasing or not.


November 9th: Senior Cap and Gown        

*There will be no on-campus makeup dates scheduled.

*Students may choose to take portraits at the Bill Miller Photography studio if preferred. (Please contact them for scheduling and information about any fees that may apply.)

*Social distancing will apply at all photography sessions. There will be no contact made between the students and the photographers. 

*All fabrics will be sanitized with Microban before the event starts which inhibits microbial growth on any treated surface for up to 24- hours.

*Students must have a photo taken with Bill Miller before/ by November 9, 2020. Photos taken after this date are not guaranteed to be placed in the Yearbook but we will try our best.