Welcome Letter

Letter from the Athletic Director

As we embark on celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Gadsden City High School. We are very fortunate to have dedicated and decorated coaches leading our student-athletes as well as a strong network of support from our community, staff, alumni, and parents.

Athletics is the window to our school and is designed to further the educational development of young men and women through participation. We at Gadsden City High School believe that the commitment, dedication and respect for others experienced in athletics will serve as a foundation of each student’s continued growth and life-long learning experience. A major focus of our athletic program is to help our student-athletes develop lasting life skills to use as they become productive members of society. Athletic success is most often measured by wins and losses, but the success we take the most pride in is the valuable life lessons that student-athletes learn.

I believe strongly in the value of high school sports. I love seeing students build friendships, create lifetime memories, celebrate their successes and learn from their failures. I enjoy getting to know kids, helping provide opportunities for them to gain leadership skills, learn about being part of a team, help them deal with adversity, and appreciate the importance of good sportsmanship on the field and in the stands.

It is my belief that coaching high school sports is one of the most difficult jobs in education. Coaches are expected to win, teach life lessons, build a team, and make sure everyone has fun. Unlike teachers, whose tests are administered in a closed classroom, coaches’ tests are the games played in front of spectators. Amidst all these expectations, coaches face the challenge of dealing with teenagers who bring an amazing variety of personalities, upbringings, values, attention spans, social interests, effort levels, and priorities. It is not an easy job, and it requires time, effort, and skills that go far beyond a value that cannot be measured by their salary. While coaching is challenging, there is no question it is also rewarding, and our coaching staff does their job with extraordinary dedication. My sincere hope is that while I never expect everyone to agree with every decision our coaches make, that people appreciate the incredibly talented and professional coaching staff at Gadsden City High School.

Finally, I would like to remind you of the need for all members of the Titan Family to promote and observe the important values of sportsmanlike behavior as exhibited both on the playing field and in the stands. Be a “good sport”, let the coaches coach and let the players play. It is an honor and privilege to serve as Director of Athletics for Gadsden City High School. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve you and hope that your experience at our athletic events is successful and enjoyable.

Go Titans!

Todd Lamberth

Director of Athletics